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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME: Naruto Uzumaki
■ AGE: 19
■ CANON: Naruto
■ CANONPOINT: The Last: Post return to Earth

❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
Definitely! He enjoys physical contact with another person a great deal. The more comfortable he is with someone, the more likely there's going to be with intimate acts like hugging them.

Naruto is the Ninja Jesus in his world, this means he's capable of fighting and has a great deal of power to back it up. Not only does he have hand-to-hand experience but he can fight with some melee weapons too. On top of that he has a ton of various jutsus (special abilities) at his disposal. From creating a thousand copies of himself to inflicting internal damage with one attack - there isn't anything out of his reach. He saved the whole damn world once. Also, Naruto has a regeneration ability. As long as he doesn't lose a limb, most of his wounds will heal faster than an average person.

Would your character die for another character currently in the game?
Yes, although Naruto would fight with everything he's got to make sure that doesn't happen.

Would your character kill for another character currently in the game?
If he had to. That's sort of what being a shinobi is about - technically he's only actually killed one person in canon but he's defeated a lot of resurrected people and plant-like creatures. Naruto is all about putting his allies above his enemies. Ask him to kill an ally and there's going to be a fight.

Ahaha, he's had feelings for Sakura-chan FOREVER and barely looks at other people twice. Even if someone likes him, he won't be able to tell unless they say it outright or it's pointed out. He might not develop those kinds of feelings for someone mostly because he's not actively looking for a relationship with someone who isn't Sakura. That said, it is possible if the other person can handle all of this derp and his obsessiveness with Sasuke.

Honestly I'm not sure why anyone would want to even be in this guy's head or thoughts. It's a huge mess because Naruto never really stays on one particular thought for very long. Not to mention that sometimes he's just so childish that it might be hard to believe that he saved his village and then the world. On another note, Naruto is not alone. He has a being sealed away inside of his body known as the Kyuubi (name: Kurama). They have "telepathic" conversations more often than they used to and Kurama is kind of an angry beast a lot of the time. While Naruto won't care about someone being in his head, the Kyuubi won't take kindly to it. But if your character can read surface thoughts, let me know so that I can include some stuff in my tags for you! :D

What kind of mental anguish does your character have?
Oh god. There is plenty of trauma for someone to pick up on. Naruto was alone for the first twelve years of his life, adults were often cruel towards him. They yelled at him, ignored him, pulled their children away from him, whispered about him behind his back. Basically he was an outcast and hated even all through his early years. He never knew why and that only made things worse. It caused a lot of resentment that he's accepted but there isn't really escaping his past.

Then there's his close relationships. Naruto's suffered a lot at the hands of Sasuke - both physically and emotionally. Yet he still chases after the Uchiha even when everyone else had given up on him. And Sakura too has caused some damage. He clearly has feelings for her but because of her feelings for Sasuke, Naruto has to hold on to all of them. They had a promise between them for years that did help drive him to chase after Sasuke but he would have done it anyway so...

Naruto has absolutely no scars thanks to the Kyuubi's regenerative ability. He can take a punch and have a bruise or even a cut for a little while but given a day or two, it'll be completely healed like he hadn't been injured at all. Though one of his techniques does significant damage to his right arm which is why he doesn't use it so much unless it's combined with something else. It basically sends tiny needle-like chakra through his arm and could potentially make it impossible for him to use or mold chakra. This is one sort of damage that the Kyuubi can't heal without medical help.

Are they vertebrate?

Is “breathing” necessary for their survival?

Do they feel hunger?
God yes, he eats way too much sometimes. Especially ramen.

How many fingers and eyes?
Ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes.

Taste. He enjoys his food, okay?

So many. Naruto hates people who treat others like trash or who would let a comrade die. They make him want to punch people in the face until they change. Kids who lost their parents/orphans are a huge soft spot because of his own past. Hurting them is a good way to end up in a lot of pain. Injustice is something that will set him off too. But really, he doesn't have too many triggers that will send him in a downward spiral of depression. Jiraiya and Neji's deaths are one thing. So is killing someone right in front of him that he couldn't save.

Under what circumstances will they reveal these triggers?
He doesn't really talk about his childhood. If he finds someone with a similar background, he might. And if someone dies in front of him, they might see him completely freeze up.

Hell yes. Rebellion is Naruto's middle name (or one of them anyway) - he rebelled against the Kages, the very people of his village, everyone who he's ever come across and if someone crosses him in the wrong way - they'll end up in the same position.

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