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Sasuke Uchiha vindicavi
Best friend and brother but still a jerk
Character Name gentlestep
Girlfriend, future wife and mother of my children? That's a sudden jump.
Boruto Uzumaki dattebasa
Son from the future
Sakura Haruno punches
Teammate and good friend, healer of my wounds.
Sai painted_seals
Teammate and friend, obsessed with terrible things.
Rock Lee niceguypose
Excitable, enthusiastic guy. Promoter of the Springtime of Youth.
Neji Hyuuga tuishou
A good friend, who sacrificed himself. Gotta take advantage of this extra time.
Tenten tenasai
Good friend and ally, master of weapons.
Temari sharpenyoursickle
Friend, ally, sister to the Kazekage. Can kick serious ass.
Sarada Uchiha uchihaprincess
Sasuke's future kid? Wants to be Hokage.
Character Name username
Or maybe a fun exchange between the two characters!