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IC: Abilities

Taijutsu (skills)
All shinobi are expected to learn some basic hand-to-hand skills and Naruto is no exception. While he used to be dead-last in pretty much every area, he's had years to get better and can now even brawl with the best of them. Naruto's physical skills is something he relied on a lot when he was younger due to the fact that he had difficulty molding chakra and had limited ninjutsus. Due to his great ability to make shadow clones, he can overwhelm his opponent by sheer numbers alone and has used that to physically attack with up to nine hundred and ninety-nine clones. He is capable of copying moves used by others and making them his own such as taking Sasuke's Lion Combo and turning into Naruto Uzumaki Combo before advancing it to Naruto Uzumaki Two Thousand Combo. During his years with Jiraiya, he's honed a lot of his more basic skills and learned to fight more effectively.

They are also taught to fight with various weapons and his preferred weapon of choice is the kunai. Not only can he use this as a very short bladed weapon but also as a projectile. He's capable of using it in both ways with extreme accuracy. While he is capable of using other weapons such as shuriken, Naruto tends to stick with using a kunai.

Summoning Technique (power)
A summoning technique taught to him by Jiraiya. Due to the contract he signed, Naruto can summon toads anywhere between tiny and huge. All of them are capable of speech and some are even very adept at fighting. A few of them even wield various weapons or are capable of using ninjutsu. Since these toads are all the way back on his own world, it will be impossible for him to summon them.

Ninjutsu (power)
Another area that he failed in when in the Academy but has since gotten better in. Ninjutsu is the ability to mold chakra and are capable of allowing the user to do things such as walk up various surfaces or water to attacks. Naruto has a great deal of chakra all by himself, but the Kyuubi puts him at the top of the list. While a lot of his ninjutsu-based attacks revolve around the Rasengan, he does have several other techniques - some that are unique to him.

SEXY TECHNIQUE - The ability to transform himself into a naked sexy female.
HAREM TECHNIQUE - Combining shadowing clone technique and sexy technique, Naruto and his clones turn into naked voluptuous girls.
NEW SEXY TECHNIQUE - A new take on the sexy technique which adds an alluring outfit to his female form.
SEXY REVERSE HAREM TECHNIQUE - Combines shadow clone technique and transformation technique to change into a group of ridiculously seductive men.

SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE - Creates several identical clones of himself, not even special eye techniques are capable of telling apart the clones from the original. Each clone is capable of molding chakra, independent thinking, learning and transmitting information back to the original when the jutsu has ended or the clone is destroyed. When struck, clones disperse in a puff of smoke.
MULTIPLE SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE - Almost exactly like the shadow clone technique except it creates hundreds of clones, upwards towards a thousand.
TRANSFORMATION TECHNIQUE - The ability to transform himself into someone or something else.

RASENGAN - Condensed chakra that spins at a high enough speed that's very damaging to whatever it hits. This is something Naruto has to get close to use as he can't throw it and needed a clone to help him form in the first place but has since mastered it so that he doesn't need one. Since first learning it he has added to it making several different versions of the Rasengan.
ULTRA-MANY SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - Creates tones of clones who all make a Rasengan, then proceed to bombard an opponent.
BIG BALL RASENGAN - More chakra is used in making this Rasengan, making the power and size bigger. It's much like a regular Rasengan except a clone used to make it.
BIG BALL SPIRALING SERIAL ZONE SPHERES - After creating hundreds of clones, they all create Big Ball Rasengan then attack in a barrage of attacks after forming a horizontal line.
ULTRA BIG BALL RASENGAN - The largest form of the Rasengan, it's even more powerful than the others.

WIND RELEASE - One of the five elemental nature transformations, which is the first and primary one Naruto uses. With this, he can add wind elements to his attacks.

WIND RELEASE: RASENGAN - With this Naruto adds his natural element to the Rasengan. This looks almost exactly like the regular Rasengan except for the four white protrusions. It's superior to the normal Rasengan.
WIND RELEASE: RASENSHURIKEN - It creates countless microscopic wind blades that target every nerve channel effectively paralyzing the body and it also attacks the chakra circulatory system that can't even be repaired by medics. He cannot use this under normal circumstances as it also does damage to Naruto's arm (since he can't throw it) but is capable of doing it while in Sage Mode, as well as toss it at opponents. It can also expand after being thrown to catch more opponents inside the vortex.
WIND RELEASE: BIG BALL RASENSHURIKEN - Adds wind nature to his big ball Rasengan for a more powerful attack.
WIND RELEASE: ULTRA BIG BALL RASENSHURIKEN - The most advanced and powerful stage of the Rasenshuriken.

TYPHOON WATER VORTEX TECHNIQUE - By combining his Rasengan with a Water Release ninjutsu user's Tearing Torrent, he can rotate a swirl of water until it becomes a funnel. It also works to created a screen to lower visibility.
SCORCH RELEASE: HALO HURRICANE JET BLACK ARROW STYLE ZERO - By combining his Rasenshuriken with Sasuke's Kagutsuchi with the perfect ratio, the flames are enhanced exponentially.

Sage Mode - Senjutsu (power)
Naruto draws in the natural energy of the earth and combines it with his own chakra to enhance all of his abilities. When he does this perfectly, he goes into Sage Mode and it gives him a boost in strength, speed, durability, reflexes and perception. It also boosts his taijutsu and ninjutsus by adding natural energy to his techniques. Because it takes time to gather the natural energy it's not easy to use in combat at a moment's notice. To counter this Naruto has learned to make clones that would sit and gather natural energy for him and when his own ran out he would dispel one clone gaining the senjutsu the clone had gathered. Even this is not unlimited and Naruto can only summon so many clones or they would interfere with the focus of the other clones. The limit is four clones and he usually has two gathering the energy so that he can have the others with him on the battlefield. The amount of natural energy must be perfect or else the user will turn into a toad followed by stone.

SENSE CHAKRA - Only while in Sage Mode can Naruto sense the chakra of others.
FROG KATA - This is not only what strengthens Naruto and grants him excellent reflexes, but also gives him an aura of natural energy that can act as an extension of his body. Meaning he can throw a punch and even though his hand doesn't connect directly, he can land a strike with the natural energy.
FROG STRIKE - An extension of Frog Kata, he can deliver an open-palmed strike and send waves of natural energy through the target.
SAGE ART: BIG BALL RASENGAN - By adding senjutsu to his Rasengan, he makes his attack even more powerful.
SAGE ART: ULTRA-BIG BALL RASENGAN - Even more powerful than the one above but generally the same.
SAGE TECHNIQUE: SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERE - Naruto wields not one but two Rasengan with added natural energy to the attacks that adds strength.
SAGE ART: MANY-ULTRA BIG BALL SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - His clones create Rasengan and then he enters Sage Mode, the Rasengan expand into even bigger forms with the help of natural energy which he then uses to attack the enemy.

Jinchuuriki (power)
Since the day he was born, Naruto has had the nine-tailed fox (Kyuubi) sealed inside of his body. The people of his world have a word for this - Jinchuuriki. If he loses the fox, he will die. Until recently, Naruto and Kurama haven't gotten along and the Kyuubi took every advantage to take control of his body. His chakra would leak out, completely surrounding Naruto and would become violent to the point where he would attack friend and foe alike. As time went by, Naruto learned to control this up until four tails sprouted. Right now the two have become friends and even share chakra quite frequently as a team rather than two opposing each other.

REGENERATION - To prevent his host from dying, Kurama can heal pretty much any wound Naruto might get at a rapid rate. The more damage done or if he doesn't have any chakra, it will take longer. He can't regenerate lost limbs or fix damage done to his chakra pathways - which is why there are certain ninjutsu that Naruto can't use.
TELEPATHY - Since Kurama is inside Naruto's body, they can communicate in sort of a strange way. Not only can they communicate with each other - they can also communicate with other Jinchuuriki and their beasts by bumping fists.
JINCHUURIKI FORMS - The various forms a tailed-beast's chakra can form. Most of these won't be an issue unless something pretty terrible happens and the Kyuubi takes over forcefully.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode (power)
This is a technique where Naruto enshrouds himself in the Kyuubi's chakra (first by force and then willingly). He's faster - moving at speeds faster than the eye can see - stronger and more durable in this form than he is normally. After Naruto and Kurama became more than just two beings stealing from each other and started working together they could manipulate chakra to take the appearance of Kurama. In this form (tailed beast mode) they can create powerful shockwaves or grab things with all nine tails and the Tailed Beast Balls. However, as they have not developed a complete bond they can only keep this up anywhere between five and eight minutes. Others can also enter this chakra-created form both to avoid attacks.

CHAKRA TRANSFER TECHNIQUE - The ability to transfer chakra to other users. Naruto can adapt his own chakra to another person's and can manipulate it remotely. In his case, his chakra not only replenishes another but also acts as a cloak - capable of protecting people from chakra attacks.
NEGATIVE EMOTIONS SENSING - Kurama has the ability to sense the negative emotions inside an individual and Naruto gained this ability when he achieved the Kyuubi Chakra Mode.
TAILED BEAST CHAKRA ARMS - The ability to manipulate the Kyuubi's chakra around him to act as extra arms. He can use these to create some of his techniques that he might have needed extra clones for or even use them for attacking.
TAILED BEAST SHOCKWAVE - By using chakra, a roar or wave becomes a powerful force of pressure and destruction.

PLANETARY RASENGAN - Creates one Rasengan and forms miniature ones around it.
MINI-RASENSHURIKEN - A small version of the Rasenshuriken. It's not as powerful but is still capable of cutting off a limb.
SPIRALING ABSORPTION SPHERE - Uses chakra arms to create a big ball Rasengan, then grabs the enemy and slams them into it.
SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - The creation of two Rasengan wielded by one body. Allows him to attack two opponents or one twice.
SPIRALING STRIFE SPHERES - The creation of multiple Rasengan above his head and uses chakra arms to attack multiple opponents.

TAILED BEAST BALL - By gathering positive black and negative white chakra in the perfect ratio, it creates a powerful ball. This is a mountain destroyer if done properly, if not then it will backfire.
TAILED BEAST RASENGAN - An incomplete jutsu, it's a mix between a tailed beast ball and Rasengan. When used, Naruto's hands are injured.
TAILED BEAST BALL RASENSHURIKEN - By combining with Kurama, they created a tailed beast ball and then Naruto adds his wind element to it - it's capable of destroying very large objects.
CONTINOUS TAILED BEAST BALLS - With Kurama, they can fire multiple uncompressed tailed beast balls at an opponent.
SUPER MINI TAILED BEAST BALL - A smaller, more condensed version of the tailed beast ball.

PARENT AND CHILD RASENGAN - Together with his father, they created an extremely large Rasengan.
SUSANO'O KYUUBI - Together, he can combined his chakra Kyuubi with Sasuke's Susano'o to put on a suit of armor and a weapon. There isn't anything that Naruto really needs to do this though except manipulate his chakra to control this massive form. Sasuke's the one who matches and adjusts around him to make this possible.

Kyuubi Sage Mode (power)
After gaining Kurama's cooperation, he allowed Naruto to use his chakra and senjutsu at the same time. This boosts his strength, speed and durability greatly but also allows him to add senjutsu to his attacks. Another bonus is that while utilizing the Kyuubi's chakra, he can gather natural energy much more quickly and can retain Sage Mode longer.

Six Paths Sage Mode (power)
A heightened state of Sage Mode which he gained after getting power from Hagoromo. While he might have lost certain abilities like flight, stabilize life forces or even restore missing organs, he has kept this form and one of the abilities that comes along with it.

TRUTH-SEEKING BALL - Small black balls made up of chakra, all five nature transformations and Yin-Yang Release. Capable of negating all ninjutsus and only works about 70 metres away. He has three of these balls when he's in this mode and they can be passed off to clones.
MULTIPLE TAILED BEAST BALL RASENSHURIKEN - He turns his truth-seeking balls into tailed beast balls, adds his wind element to them and lets them go.