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Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Naruto Uzumaki
◎ Character's Canon: Naruto (manga)
◎ Character's Age: 19
◎ Canon Point: From the Last movie - After returning to Earth
◎ Background/History: You should ɢ ɪ ᴠ ᴇ ᴜ ᴘ...on me giving up!
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? Not a hacker and no sixth sense for ghosts/spirits or anything of the like. He can sense malevolent intent, however, from anything.

◎ Personality:
One look at Naruto and someone wouldn’t think that he was a ninja with his boisterous personality. While he has calmed down over the years; when he has something to say there’s no way anyone could miss it. He got this trait from his mother and it’s also a product of his childhood. In the early years, Naruto tried hard to get any kind of recognition; even if it meant being scolded that resulted in his habit of playing pranks. Though he didn’t enjoy the way he was treated, getting this attention was pretty much the only recognition he could get from the villagers. Other kids his age weren’t allowed to play with him though they knew nothing about the demon fox that lie sealed in his body. When his classmates were around everyone laughed when he failed at simple tasks; Naruto often laughed too, often claiming that he meant to do it. Now that he has the acknowledgment that he always wanted from the village; yet it doesn’t mean he’s become the ideal ninja.

On top of that he’s also pretty excitable; in all ways. Everything he does is just full of life whether it be showing Konohamaru a new Sexy Jutsu or fighting. Even something as simple as ramen or sharing a twin popsicle isn’t something he wants to miss out on. Of course that means that he’s even excitable when sad. Most noticeable when the people he cares about dies, once he even went out of control and unleashed the Kyuubi when Hinata almost died. Before that, with Jiraiya’s death he wanted to do something – namely go after the Akatsuki for revenge. He simply has a hard time sitting around doing nothing when he could be helping in some manner. It doesn’t help that he’s also pretty brash and would take off if there weren’t people around to hold him back. Naruto has this tendency to want to jump before he looks which means he barrels head-first into everything; including fights which really could end up with him hurt. As the years have passed, he has learned a little self-control but there will always be that impulsive urge to just jump in without looking.

Despite his lonely and persecuted childhood Naruto actually turned out to be pretty cheerful. He didn’t let himself become so dejected that he was hostile towards others all of the time. It isn’t odd to see him with a smile or smirk when the situation isn’t too bad. Surprisingly, he also grew up to be pleasantly friendly. For a guy who didn’t have a single friend in the world, Naruto has certainly gotten quite the group in a short amount of time. He’s always wanted to have friends which meant that he never lost sight of that goal. Naruto endured all of the pain of his childhood to get to this point in his life and now he has so many friends. All of them are loyal and would eagerly stand by his side if he needed them to. He is always happy to see his friends, no matter what this situation (unless he’s forgotten their face in the case of poor Shino).

Having friends and those who care about him is such a big deal for Naruto that it would hurt him a great deal to lose them. It makes him fiercely loyal and protective. Naruto would risk his life to keep them safe if that’s what it took. Not only that but it’s the source of the Kyuubi’s power taking control of his body most of the time. On occasion, this has come in handy but at one point he accidentally hurt Sakura when he became consumed by rage; so Naruto became determined to not rely on it. The most prominent example of his loyalty is where Sasuke is concerned. There came a point when everyone else was ready to give up on Sasuke; even the five Kage decided that he should be killed. But Naruto was the only person to not give up on his friend. Instead he stated that they would die together in battle one day - which meant that the day he’d give up on Sasuke was the day they both died. However, this loyalty doesn’t stop at just those he’s spoken to. He’d fight until his last breath to protect the village that has scorned him his whole life or the other villages that have mistreated their Jinchuriki too. Naruto has a kindness that many in the shinobi world don’t. Sure, he could have easily gone down the same path that Sasuke walks or even the one that Gaara used to considering the treatment he got when he was younger; especially since he didn’t understand why they were cruel to him. Yet somehow he found it in himself to not turn out that way.

Though there did come a point when it was revealed that he did resent the villagers for the treatment he suffered at their hands. Especially when they turned to him after he saved all of them from Pain. He wasn’t sure that he could be the man that they all saw him as because none of them really understood how he felt in the days before. But without that dark part of him, the part of his life that suffered Naruto has come to understand that he wouldn’t be who he was without the childhood he had. All of these people suddenly had faith in him and even celebrated him as a hero; it meant that he had to believe in himself now too. It was the first step to accepting the parts of him that he didn’t like, including the Kyuubi, though Naruto didn’t trust the fox as far as he could throw him.

This section wouldn’t be complete if there were no mention of Naruto’s determination. No matter the situation, he isn’t the kind of person to give up – not even on those around him despite what they’ve done in the past. Not only is this determination the cause of him getting up after being beaten until he shouldn’t move; it also has an effect on other people. All of his classmates saw him as ‘dead last’ who failed at everything he did, so much so that they laughed him off. When faced with his sheer determination they couldn’t help but be effected. A lot of the time he shows them up when it comes to this trait and is often leading the pack when it comes to showing determination. When others witness this side of Naruto, they become determined too. Gaara found a kindred spirit in Naruto due to their similar pasts and didn’t want to be hated by his village anymore, so he worked to become the Kazekage. Even those who used to make fun of him for being ‘dead last’ want to try to surpass Naruto. It isn’t all determination; sometimes Naruto is just downright stubborn. He won’t budge on his beliefs or goals - no matter what he has to do to achieve it. He’ll overcome any obstacle or be blunt with those who would try to drag him down.

This goes extremely well (or poorly depending on your point of view) with his competitive nature. When he was younger there one person he started to compete with - Sasuke. Though it wasn’t just that Sasuke was the best; it was also because he felt that they were similar because they were both alone. It was that connection to the other boy that got him through a lot when he was younger. Naruto wanted to beat Sasuke and, with hard work and sheer determination, he accomplished things that made him stronger. Naruto does realize that the Akatsuki are a real threat to him but there’s still a part of him that wants to be stronger so that he can bring Sasuke back to the village. However, for all of the growing up that Naruto did in the years training under Jiraiya, he can still be fairly childish. Mostly this surfaces when he’s dealing with his Sexy Jutsu and Konohamaru. The two of them often compete with who has the better tactic when it comes to this. Sometimes this can also happen with others when he tries to win them over or as a diversionary tactic. Not to mention that he and Sakura won the spar against Kakashi with the act of spoiling the ending of Jiraiya’s new book.

His pranks and childish ways just show how inventive Naruto can be when fighting and he’s only gotten better at it as he got older. When he was younger he often tried to win battles by quantity instead of quality. Since he had the chakra, he could create nearly a thousand clones and on occasion he’d throw in something creative. These days he’s a little more conservative about creating clones and a lot smarter when he does utilize them. He uses them to gain intelligence on the enemy’s skills and saves his chakra for other things. It’s also a good way for him to learn a tough technique in a short amount of time. For being ‘dead last’ and the only genin of his class, he’s actually damn creative when it comes to battles. Naruto isn’t a genius like Shikamaru or Neji who can plan the outcome of the battle from the beginning or even come up with alternate plans if the original plan fails. He’s the type who thinks things up right there on the spot. Then again, he’s also the kind of guy who doesn’t always get things when someone tries to explain to him. Naruto has to see it or experience something in order for him to understand it completely. While he can be fairly observant during battles, he isn’t as perceptive outside of them. Other details go right over his head – such as Hinata’s feelings for him. Sometimes he just needs things to be said outright for him to get it.

That said; Naruto is a genuine person. What you see if often what you get when it comes to him. There aren’t many of his thoughts that he holds back unlike his teammates. It goes well with his loud personality. No matter if he’s sad or angry or even happy everyone around him will know it because all of his feelings are worn right out in the open for all to see. During his childhood he didn’t have anyone to talk to, or even anyone to depend on, so he tended to deflect when he was upset. When he accidentally messed up a technique and he’d play it off like he meant to do it. Since he made some real bonds; he doesn’t do that anymore. He’s a sincere person who doesn’t stretch the truth or deflect much anymore.

His feelings really show through when he’s in fight. Before the Senjutsu training, he used to lose his head a lot and let his feelings seriously guide the battle, whether he was happy or angry. Naruto’s grown up just a little and tries to keep his cool, even outside of fighting. He manages it - most of the time. During battle is the time when he’s more susceptible to his temper and can fly into a rage, especially if one of the people he cares about has been seriously hurt. After he saw that Pain had flattened Kohana, killing an undetermined amount of people including Kakashi along with serious damage to Tsunade, he still managed to keep calm even though he was both upset and angry. All of that was thrown out the moment he thought Hinata was killed right in front of him. Naruto knew that everyone in the village had fought and never gave up his location, but watching Hinata as she kept getting up just for Pain to hurt her was too much for him to take. This time it was her determination that had an influence on him.

The most important part of Naruto’s personality is that he’s extremely goal-oriented. Naruto’s world revolves around his goals - his many, many goals that he keeps adding to. After being shunned by the village and wanting to be accepted by them, it became a goal for him to become the Hokage and make everyone recognize his worth. While it is his overall goal that he’s been working towards since he was young, it doesn’t make his other goals any less important. When he heard that Gaara had become the Kazekage, sure he was a little jealous, but he was also glad for the fellow Jinchuriki. This kind of thing doesn’t discourage him; instead it has the opposite effect and can spurn him on to work even harder. He’s also working towards being stronger than Sasuke so that he can bring his friend back. For a long time the promise he made to Sakura helped drive him forward on this particular goal. Just because she’s told him to forget it, doesn’t mean he will or that it will stop him from his own goal. It’s not his ninja way to give up on anything and he won’t ever stop trying to achieve his goals and dreams. Another goal of his is to end the cycle of hatred and revenge, a task he’s taken up from those who came before him. While he isn’t quite sure how to achieve this yet, Naruto sure does know how he doesn’t want to do it. So no matter how people try to dissuade him, he hardly ever wavers.

There are many bonds that have had a serious impact on his life, starting with Sasuke. Back before he had anyone, he had Sasuke. Okay, maybe not like most people would think but after the Uchiha massacre, he felt they were similar – that they were both alone in the world. Even though the other boy might not have felt the same it was more than enough for Naruto. They were extremely competitive with each other, maybe not at first since the Uchiha never really considered that they were even in the same category together. Still, Naruto was never allowed to surpass his friend so he ended up competing with him even though he didn’t mean to. Being acknowledged by Sasuke was enormously important to the blond but for the longest time he was denied. The other boy was so blinded by his own goal that Naruto barely registered on his radar. Still, that didn’t mean they couldn’t work as teammates. It was something Kakashi had disciplined into them from the very start. When they did work together, they didn’t really need words to communicate. Of course, Sasuke’s exceptional skills worked wonderfully with Naruto’s creativity. While they were far from being as good as their sensei and their goals, they could do some pretty amazing things together (something that is reflected later in life when they fight together after having little contact with each other for years). It’s actually Sasuke that first triggered the monster inside of him. When he thought that the bastard had died for him, Naruto lost it and the Kyuubi took advantage of that. During this time of their lives, they had a tense but easy relationship with each other. The tense part was mostly on this blond’s end since he took everything to the extreme even the smallest noise or look from the other. But they wouldn’t hesitate to poke at each other’s soft spots in a teasing manner.

Their relationship continued on this way even after Sasuke was given a special hickey by a creepy old man. However, when it seemed that Naruto might surpass the other - things began to change. He was no longer that struggling, clumsy kid who was chasing Sasuke. Suddenly, Naruto was getting immensely better in a short time. Good enough to take down a monstrous Gaara, a powerful Orochimaru and earn the respect of the new Hokage. But what really drove the nail into the coffin was the fact that Sasuke’s older brother, and the person he wished to kill, came after Naruto. Itachi brushed his little brother aside like he was nothing more than an annoying insect and wanted the blond instead. He challenged Naruto to a fight, though he refused to put his hitai-ate on to show that they were equals. While this fight was stopped by Kakashi, Naruto became nothing more than an obstacle had to overcome. And he would do that with Orochimaru’s help. He left the village with several of the Sannin’s minions and began his transformation. Naruto chased after him to bring him back and when he finally caught up, tried to stop him. Not only that, he tried to understand Sasuke – tried to tell his friend that he understood. The battle was fierce and they both had to rely on another’s power after a point. But, finally, Sasuke acknowledged him as an equal – equal but standing the way of his goal. Even though the Uchiha had the opportunity to kill Naruto and grow stronger, he didn’t. Maybe he couldn’t.

Sasuke is the first person he considers as his friend - that means that giving up on his first bond, his first friend, is an impossible feat for him. No matter the fact that everyone around him is willing to kill Sasuke. When the other tried to leave the village, Naruto put everything he had into keeping Sasuke there and not just for the sake of other people. Ever since he lost that battle, becoming stronger than his friend has been a huge driving point for Naruto. Especially when he ran into Sasuke a couple of years later and still lost to his old teammate. That never deterred him, though, and Naruto just continued training until he could be stronger than his friend. Later he told Itachi that he had come to think of Sasuke as his brother and he meant it. When Gaara told him that the Kage would kill Sasuke and Sakura told him to give up, that they had all decided to kill him themselves – it really affected him. He shut down and couldn’t accept it. Naruto could take that from anyone else but Sakura had been the only person that sided with him no matter what happened. The whole world was against his friend and he didn’t know what to do. Eventually, he came to the realization that there was no way he could give up, even if everyone else had - even if Sasuke tried to kill him. At the moment, Sasuke is back and so is Team Seven but he knows there’s still unfinished business between the two of them. Just because Sasuke said he wanted to be Hokage, doesn’t mean that everything is okay.

The determination to bring back Sasuke almost ties with the goal of beating the Akatsuki so that they can’t kill him, actually. When Naruto and Sasuke first fought, he was shown just how much he didn’t understand his friend’s pain. While he had never had anyone in his life to begin with, Sasuke lost every single bond that he had. Sasuke’s pain was something out of Naruto’s reach until Jiraiy's death - it was then that he really understood it.

Another very important person in Naruto’s life that appeared early on is Iruka. Most of the people in the village wanted nothing to do with him, so they left him alone if they could manage it. Iruka was the first adult who showed a real interest in him and managed to get through to him. While there were a few who didn’t seem to be afraid of him, Iruka was one of the ones who wasn’t afraid to scold him, encourage him and believe in him. To Naruto that makes Iruka an important person in his eyes. Of course, it escalated when Iruka risked his life in order to save him and gave him the hitai-ate from off his own forehead. This relationship was something that saved him after Jiraiya’s death because to him, Iruka is like family.

Over the years there have been a few people on Team Seven but the first consisted of the jounin leader, Kakashi. His first act was to pull a prank on Kakashi and since he succeeded, he didn’t really think much of this new person in his life. In time, his sensei was one person who he came to care about and who cared about him in return. While he didn’t spend as much with Kakashi as he did with Jiraiya, he does respect the older shinobi a great deal and was saddened by his temporary death. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t pick on Kakashi sometimes, not that the older male seems to mind that much. It was this particular sensei that taught him that those that discard the rules are trash, but those that discard their comrades are worse than trash. This is something that Naruto agrees with deeply.

The other early member of Team Seven is Sakura, someone he knew before he knew Kakashi. For a long time he had feelings for her and when they were younger he often tried to express them. But all she could see was Sasuke. It fueled a lot of Naruto’s competitive nature since Sasuke didn’t seem to really return her feelings. At the beginning, she saw him just like everyone else did – a childish guy who failed more than he succeeded. She would have been glad to be rid of him since it meant that she would have Sasuke to herself. When their first mission came, things started changing slowly. Like everyone, Naruto managed to turn her gaze by his fortitude and it might not have been a complete change – it was the beginning of everything that followed. There were still times when she considered herself to be better than Naruto in some areas while thinking that Sasuke was the best in comparison. When they began the chunin exams and were faced with difficult questions, she knew that Naruto would be the one to mess it up for them. Turns out the unpredictable ninja surprised her once again with his tenacity although he hadn’t written down a single answer. Even back then, she always felt that she was the one trailing behind the two boys on her team. No matter how much she put into catching up to them, they continued to improve by leaps and bounds.

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked she asked him for the “once in a lifetime” favor to bring Sasuke back. He’s done nothing but fail to keep that promise. When he came back injured, she slightly knew that it had been the promise that had caused him to be in this situation. Still, Sakura continued to rely on him because she had no other way to bring Sasuke back. When he came back after his training with Jiraiya, at first she thought that he had changed – that maybe their relationship would be different. And he had, but not that much. She has no problem hitting him now when he does something stupid when before she would have just complained. Their relationship has gone from just teammates to actually being friends. Even though they’d been separated for years, they could work together nicely. While most of the time they seem fairly normal, both Naruto and Sakura carry around a similar pain and sorrow. The loss of Sasuke affected them deeply and it isn’t really something that other people can understand.

There is no way he can seriously admit his feelings to her until he can keep his promise to her. Sai pointed out to her was that the promise is much like a curse mark on Naruto. The burden of not being able to keep that promise weighed heavily on him, it caused a lot of hardship for him and she wanted to put an end to it finally. Even though she did, there’s no way it’s going to stop him from bringing Sasuke back. While it might have lifted a bit of burden from his shoulders, he still has own feelings to contend with when it comes to their wayward teammate. Still he can’t bring himself to tell her how he feels about her, though it’s very likely that Sakura knows anyway. Though that doesn’t stop him from telling his dad that she was his girlfriend. Truth be told, Naruto actually knows Sakura very well – well enough to tell that when she confessed her love for him, that something was wrong. Most people would be overjoyed to hear that the person they love, does love them back but it was a shock because he knew that it wasn’t true. Usually both of them are extremely comfortable around each other and if he could ever get over his feelings for her, they’d probably make great pseudo-siblings.

Speaking of the replacement for Sasuke, three years later along came Sai. Nothing irritated him nearly as much as Sai in those early days with his fake smiles, remarks about his penis or other insulting comments. It wasn’t like the relationship he had with Sasuke since he saw Sasuke as a goal; Sai was just an annoyance. Of course, it didn’t help that Sai was there to keep an eye on the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. He eventually accepted the new teammate as someone he could trust since Naruto’s heart had reached yet another person and changed him a little. Along came Captain Yamato - who he wasn’t all that crazy about either at first as it meant that Kakashi wasn’t part of their team at the time. Though he was much more respectful towards Yamato, especially seeing what he could do with his abilities. Eventually, he learned that the new leader was there to make sure that the Kyuubi chakra didn’t take over and he was grateful for it, more-so after he hurt Sakura. While Yamato hasn’t reached the importance level of Naruto’s other teachers, he does trust the shinobi and would fight to protect him too.

Naruto and his early teammates were part of a collective of other genin that became known as the Konoha 11. Most of this group of people made up the graduating class the same year as Naruto and have become important in his life. At first, none of them really got along with him, although it was better with some more than others. By the time the end of the first chunnin exam came along, a lot of them respected him a little bit. Sure, there were rivalries between them but the only one out of the group that he had a serious problem with was Neji. While that did change, it took something impossible to win him over. He also really changed Hinata’s life with his actions that day. Naruto stood up for her in front of everyone. It deepened her feelings for him, encouraged her to never give up for something she believed in until eventually she was able to confess her feelings for him. When he faltered, Hinata was there to inspire him much like he had done years ago. Nowadays the ten remaining people are pretty close, all of them having been inspired and changed by Naruto in some way. He’s touched their lives just as much as they’ve enriched his with their presence. All of them want to support him and walk beside him, so much so that they’d give up their lives for the ‘dead last’ Naruto and he feels better to have them fighting with him.

Another group of individuals he changed the final day of the chunnin exams were the Sand siblings. Firstly there was Gaara, who was possibly the scariest person there ever was, that was so much like Naruto that it hurt. They were both Jinchuriki when they met, though neither knew about the other. To start with, Naruto wasn’t on Gaara’s radar - he only had eyes for Sasuke. When he found out about Gaara’s situation; right there was someone who understood all of the pain and anguish that Naruto had gone through. Understood it, but didn’t understand how he could protect these people with his life or even understand his determination to do it in the first place. After that encounter, Naruto changed Gaara forever for the better and now the two of them are friends. When the Akatsuki came and took Gaara, there was no way that Naruto wasn’t going to try to save him. The Sand nin was the first person he met that was truly just like him and they could have both turned out wrong if they weren’t given that first bond. He literally gave everything he could in order to save Gaara, including his own chakra so that Chiyo could bring him back to life. But his fellow Jinchuriki wasn’t the only Sand sib’s heart he touched that day, he also touched Kankuro and Temari’s. While he doesn’t have as deep of a bond with them as he does with Gaara, they both respect his determination and the friendship he formed with their brother. More than that, they trust Naruto with Gaara’s life.

One of the people who impacted Naruto’s life the most has to be Jiraiya. He spent nearly three years of his life with the man, learning from him, living by his side like they were family and they might as well have been. After all, the old Sannin was named as his godfather and the name Naruto ended up with was from one of his books (not the Icha Icha series). Jiraiya believed in him long before most of the village did, believed in him and wanted to help him become stronger to achieve his dreams. They shared popsicles like he’d only seen other parents do with their children. Naruto didn’t just learn techniques from Jiraiya, he also learned so much more also some things that he shouldn’t do. That’s why he was so devastated by Jiraiya’s death and was more than ready to avenge him when he faced Pain. However, the ideals of his mentor were so strong that he felt them when in front of Nagato with the chance to take his revenge. He wanted to walk the same dream of peace that his mentor did.

We move on to the second Sannin that Naruto is close with. Tsunade was absolutely terrifying when he met her. She was crazy strong, bitter and hopeless. The Sannin didn’t believe that someone like him could become Hokage but he was determined to change her mind and so he challenged her. There was also no hesitation to stand to protect her even though they were going up against Orochimaru and Kabuto. Naruto’s courage and strength of will touched Tsunade and helped her to overcome her phobia of blood. In the end, he didn’t just change her heart but also her mind and she became the next Hokage. Sometimes Naruto is still terrified of her, especially when she gets mad at him and uses her inhumanly strength. Yet he’s the only one to get away with calling her as “granny” and having most of his demands met. It’s obvious that she has a soft spot for him because he reminds her of a man she once loved and her younger brother. He even got the ‘cursed necklace’ and continues to prove her wrong about her belief that everyone who wears it, ends up dead. When everyone around her told her that Naruto should remain in the village to keep him safe from the Akatsuki, she scoffed at them. Naruto isn’t just a target; he’s a member of the village and a strong one too. One that she believes can save them when Pain comes to Konoha. Even though there were people fighting and dying to protect Naruto, Tsunade still wanted to summon his back anyway. She has put a lot of faith in him too much like Jiraiya has despite the fact that those around her would rather have Naruto out of harm’s way. While she was unconscious and the other Kage decided to leave the two remaining Jinchuriki out of the war and when Tsunade discover this, she protested loudly. Even if Naruto was their objective, she believed that he was their best chance of winning the fight. It’s why Tsunade didn’t do much to stop him when he did find out what was happening. Instead she stood aside and let him go. When they met up later with the fight against Madara, she trusted him with the task of dealing with the “other Madara” and protecting the rest of the army. Just like with Jiraiya, his relationship with Tsunade can be described as familial.

When it comes to the third and final member of the Sannin trio, Naruto would like nothing than to punch Orochimaru in the face with a Rasengan for everything he’s done in the past. Not only is Orochimaru responsible for the third Hokage’s death but also for Sasuke leaving the village. He has absolutely no nice feelings towards the creepy man and it might just stay like that for the rest of time. Yet he might be capable of holding himself back if he ever came face-to-face with the snake bastard - simply because he raised the first four Hokage from the dead and was partially responsible for Sasuke’s presence on the battlefield. Hurting him really wouldn’t make a difference at this point, since the third Sannin is lending a hand at the moment.

Before Naruto ever knew it, he had bonds with people that loved and believed in him more than anyone. Both of his parents sacrificed their lives to save the village, believing that he would be able to control the Kyuubi’s hatred. While neither of them wanted to leave him, it was the only to way to save not just his life but also the lives of everyone in the village. For sixteen years, Naruto never even really knew of his parents. Sure, he knew he had to have had them but they weren’t part of his life for so long and no one told him who they were. However, he’s been able to meet them recently and is very proud to be their son. Not just be proud but love them for how much they loved him first. They also helped him when dealing with Kyuubi, when he almost lost himself to its powerful hatred. Maybe he’ll never really know his parents like other kids do but he’s pretty grateful for being able to meet them in the first place. His meeting with his dad was a brief one and full of painful emotions as it happened during his fight with Pain. They didn’t really get to say much to each other, though Naruto did get to vent a little about all of the pain he went through. Minato was able to instill hope in his son again before he disappeared. When he met his mother, his first thought that she was the Kyuubi in disguise but when he realized who she was – Naruto immediately hugged her. It was a little bittersweet; hearing his mother’s story and his own origin but it showed him that there was someone who loved him from the very start. To a Jinchuriki, his parents can be referred to as his “suns” – that bright burning light that shows him the way through the darkness of his life. While he might look a lot like his father, Naruto has a great deal of his mother in him. They both have a love of ramen, similar verbal ticks, boisterous personalities and many other things. He got along great with her during the short time they had together and thought that mothers really were a tiny bit scary.

Another connection he had before he was aware of it was the one he had with the Kyuubi. For a long time they were pretty separate entities, Naruto not knowing it was there and the Kyuubi trapped in its cage. That malevolent chakra began to leak out when he experienced times of great turmoil. Eventually, he became aware of the monster inside of him and, well, they didn’t really get along. Yet he didn’t hesitate to get the Kyuubi’s chakra when he absolutely needed to. With his mother’s help, he’s been able to take a great deal of the monster fox’s chakra to claim as his own and it made him more powerful. But it was Naruto’s heart that has changed the Kyuubi, much like he’s changed so many others. He claimed that he was coming after that hatred and through his actions, began to prove it. Recently they’ve become pretty friendly with each other, enough that Naruto has let it out from the sealed cage and even allowed him to take control of his body on occasion. He even started calling him Kurama instead of Kyuubi after he learned it was the fox’s name. Not only has Naruto become friends with the Kyuubi inside of him, he’s also friends with eight of the nine bijuu, learning their names and determined to save them too. The only one he hasn’t become friends with is the Ichibi, the bijuu that was once inside of Gaara.

When Kurama and Naruto first came into contact with each other, the Kyuubi was a big ball of hatred, malice and mistrust. He’d been hated and sealed away by humans for such a long time that it was only the most natural of responses. There was no quelling this beast and he took every opportunity to take control of the situation once sealed inside Naruto. All of his interactions with Naruto were filled with that hate, mistrust and cynicism and on occasion tried to coerce the Jinchuriki into opening the seal to let him out so that he could make all of that pain go away. He even teamed up with the dark part of Naruto’s heart in an effort to take control of the body.

After Naruto took some of the Kyuubi’s chakra, he willingly was the first to approach the boy. Although it was only to mock him about how Naruto hadn’t yet been able to help Sasuke, who was drowning in hatred. What hope did he have shouldering the hatred of the entire shinobi world when he couldn’t even save a single friend? The Jinchuriki shot back that one day he’d come after the Kyuubi’s hatred. It was truly shocking to Kurama but he began to respect Naruto to the point that he allowed him to use his chakra without resulting in a huge consequence. The real change happened when Naruto encountered one of the other bijuu, Son Goku. He told the boy that if he really wanted to save them all; he’d have to prove it so Naruto did just that. After the boy helped Son, Kurama offered to meld his chakra with Naruto’s and thus the trust between them was solidified. Naruto even undid the seal to release Kurama and acknowledged he was a member of Konoha too; not the monster fox.

While not all of the hatred in Kurama is gone, he did have a huge change of heart, thanks to Naruto. He began to be concerned about someone other than himself and even openly expressed it to the boy. There was also someone for the Kyuubi to believe in, in the form of his Jinchuriki. Even the hatred he had for Minato dissipated and he’s more willing to protect their comrades. The Kyuubi has lightened up a little, showing its more comical side when he argues with Naruto and even went so far as to literally throw Kakashi as Obito. However; this kind of relationship is still new so there are bound to be some hiccups.

◎ Powers/Abilities:
Taijutsu (skills)
All shinobi are expected to learn some basic hand-to-hand skills and Naruto is no exception. While he used to be dead-last in pretty much every area, he's had years to get better and can now even brawl with the best of them. Naruto's physical skills is something he relied on a lot when he was younger due to the fact that he had difficulty molding chakra and had limited ninjutsus. Due to his great ability to make shadow clones, he can overwhelm his opponent by sheer numbers alone and has used that to physically attack with up to nine hundred and ninety-nine clones. He is capable of copying moves used by others and making them his own such as taking Sasuke's Lion Combo and turning into Naruto Uzumaki Combo before advancing it to Naruto Uzumaki Two Thousand Combo. During his years with Jiraiya, he's honed a lot of his more basic skills and learned to fight more effectively.

They are also taught to fight with various weapons and his preferred weapon of choice is the kunai. Not only can he use this as a very short bladed weapon but also as a projectile. He's capable of using it in both ways with extreme accuracy. While he is capable of using other weapons such as shuriken, Naruto tends to stick with using a kunai.

Summoning Technique (power)
A summoning technique taught to him by Jiraiya. Due to the contract he signed, Naruto can summon toads anywhere between tiny and huge. All of them are capable of speech and some are even very adept at fighting. A few of them even wield various weapons or are capable of using ninjutsu. Since these toads are all the way back on his own world, it will be impossible for him to summon them.

Ninjutsu (power)
Another area that he failed in when in the Academy but has since gotten better in. Ninjutsu is the ability to mold chakra and are capable of allowing the user to do things such as walk up various surfaces or water to attacks. Naruto has a great deal of chakra all by himself, but the Kyuubi puts him at the top of the list. While a lot of his ninjutsu-based attacks revolve around the Rasengan, he does have several other techniques - some that are unique to him.

SEXY TECHNIQUE - The ability to transform himself into a naked sexy female.
HAREM TECHNIQUE - Combining shadowing clone technique and sexy technique, Naruto and his clones turn into naked voluptuous girls.
NEW SEXY TECHNIQUE - A new take on the sexy technique which adds an alluring outfit to his female form.
SEXY REVERSE HAREM TECHNIQUE - Combines shadow clone technique and transformation technique to change into a group of ridiculously seductive men.

SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE - Creates several identical clones of himself, not even special eye techniques are capable of telling apart the clones from the original. Each clone is capable of molding chakra, independent thinking, learning and transmitting information back to the original when the jutsu has ended or the clone is destroyed. When struck, clones disperse in a puff of smoke.
MULTIPLE SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE - Almost exactly like the shadow clone technique except it creates hundreds of clones, upwards towards a thousand.
TRANSFORMATION TECHNIQUE - The ability to transform himself into someone or something else.

RASENGAN - Condensed chakra that spins at a high enough speed that's very damaging to whatever it hits. This is something Naruto has to get close to use as he can't throw it and needed a clone to help him form in the first place but has since mastered it so that he doesn't need one. Since first learning it he has added to it making several different versions of the Rasengan.
ULTRA-MANY SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - Creates tones of clones who all make a Rasengan, then proceed to bombard an opponent.
BIG BALL RASENGAN - More chakra is used in making this Rasengan, making the power and size bigger. It's much like a regular Rasengan except a clone used to make it.
BIG BALL SPIRALING SERIAL ZONE SPHERES - After creating hundreds of clones, they all create Big Ball Rasengan then attack in a barrage of attacks after forming a horizontal line.
ULTRA BIG BALL RASENGAN - The largest form of the Rasengan, it's even more powerful than the others.

WIND RELEASE - One of the five elemental nature transformations, which is the first and primary one Naruto uses. With this, he can add wind elements to his attacks.

WIND RELEASE: RASENGAN - With this Naruto adds his natural element to the Rasengan. This looks almost exactly like the regular Rasengan except for the four white protrusions. It's superior to the normal Rasengan.
WIND RELEASE: RASENSHURIKEN - It creates countless microscopic wind blades that target every nerve channel effectively paralyzing the body and it also attacks the chakra circulatory system that can't even be repaired by medics. He cannot use this under normal circumstances as it also does damage to Naruto's arm (since he can't throw it) but is capable of doing it while in Sage Mode, as well as toss it at opponents. It can also expand after being thrown to catch more opponents inside the vortex.
WIND RELEASE: BIG BALL RASENSHURIKEN - Adds wind nature to his big ball Rasengan for a more powerful attack.
WIND RELEASE: ULTRA BIG BALL RASENSHURIKEN - The most advanced and powerful stage of the Rasenshuriken.

TYPHOON WATER VORTEX TECHNIQUE - By combining his Rasengan with a Water Release ninjutsu user's Tearing Torrent, he can rotate a swirl of water until it becomes a funnel. It also works to created a screen to lower visibility.
SCORCH RELEASE: HALO HURRICANE JET BLACK ARROW STYLE ZERO - By combining his Rasenshuriken with Sasuke's Kagutsuchi with the perfect ratio, the flames are enhanced exponentially.

Sage Mode - Senjutsu (power)
Naruto draws in the natural energy of the earth and combines it with his own chakra to enhance all of his abilities. When he does this perfectly, he goes into Sage Mode and it gives him a boost in strength, speed, durability, reflexes and perception. It also boosts his taijutsu and ninjutsus by adding natural energy to his techniques. Because it takes time to gather the natural energy it's not easy to use in combat at a moment's notice. To counter this Naruto has learned to make clones that would sit and gather natural energy for him and when his own ran out he would dispel one clone gaining the senjutsu the clone had gathered. Even this is not unlimited and Naruto can only summon so many clones or they would interfere with the focus of the other clones. The limit is four clones and he usually has two gathering the energy so that he can have the others with him on the battlefield. The amount of natural energy must be perfect or else the user will turn into a toad followed by stone.

SENSE CHAKRA - Only while in Sage Mode can Naruto sense the chakra of others.
FROG KATA - This is not only what strengthens Naruto and grants him excellent reflexes, but also gives him an aura of natural energy that can act as an extension of his body. Meaning he can throw a punch and even though his hand doesn't connect directly, he can land a strike with the natural energy.
FROG STRIKE - An extension of Frog Kata, he can deliver an open-palmed strike and send waves of natural energy through the target.
SAGE ART: BIG BALL RASENGAN - By adding senjutsu to his Rasengan, he makes his attack even more powerful.
SAGE ART: ULTRA-BIG BALL RASENGAN - Even more powerful than the one above but generally the same.
SAGE TECHNIQUE: SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERE - Naruto wields not one but two Rasengan with added natural energy to the attacks that adds strength.
SAGE ART: MANY-ULTRA BIG BALL SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - His clones create Rasengan and then he enters Sage Mode, the Rasengan expand into even bigger forms with the help of natural energy which he then uses to attack the enemy.

Jinchuuriki (power)
Since the day he was born, Naruto has had the nine-tailed fox (Kyuubi) sealed inside of his body. The people of his world have a word for this - Jinchuuriki. If he loses the fox, he will die. Until recently, Naruto and Kurama haven't gotten along and the Kyuubi took every advantage to take control of his body. His chakra would leak out, completely surrounding Naruto and would become violent to the point where he would attack friend and foe alike. As time went by, Naruto learned to control this up until four tails sprouted. Right now the two have become friends and even share chakra quite frequently as a team rather than two opposing each other.

REGENERATION - To prevent his host from dying, Kurama can heal pretty much any wound Naruto might get at a rapid rate. The more damage done or if he doesn't have any chakra, it will take longer. He can't regenerate lost limbs or fix damage done to his chakra pathways - which is why there are certain ninjutsu that Naruto can't use.
TELEPATHY - Since Kurama is inside Naruto's body, they can communicate in sort of a strange way. Not only can they communicate with each other - they can also communicate with other Jinchuuriki and their beasts by bumping fists.
JINCHUURIKI FORMS - The various forms a tailed-beast's chakra can form. Most of these won't be an issue unless something pretty terrible happens and the Kyuubi takes over forcefully.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode (power)
This is a technique where Naruto enshrouds himself in the Kyuubi's chakra (first by force and then willingly). He's faster - moving at speeds faster than the eye can see - stronger and more durable in this form than he is normally. After Naruto and Kurama became more than just two beings stealing from each other and started working together they could manipulate chakra to take the appearance of Kurama. In this form (tailed beast mode) they can create powerful shockwaves or grab things with all nine tails and the Tailed Beast Balls. However, as they have not developed a complete bond they can only keep this up anywhere between five and eight minutes. Others can also enter this chakra-created form both to avoid attacks.

CHAKRA TRANSFER TECHNIQUE - The ability to transfer chakra to other users. Naruto can adapt his own chakra to another person's and can manipulate it remotely. In his case, his chakra not only replenishes another but also acts as a cloak - capable of protecting people from chakra attacks.
NEGATIVE EMOTIONS SENSING - Kurama has the ability to sense the negative emotions inside an individual and Naruto gained this ability when he achieved the Kyuubi Chakra Mode.
TAILED BEAST CHAKRA ARMS - The ability to manipulate the Kyuubi's chakra around him to act as extra arms. He can use these to create some of his techniques that he might have needed extra clones for or even use them for attacking.
TAILED BEAST SHOCKWAVE - By using chakra, a roar or wave becomes a powerful force of pressure and destruction.

PLANETARY RASENGAN - Creates one Rasengan and forms miniature ones around it.
MINI-RASENSHURIKEN - A small version of the Rasenshuriken. It's not as powerful but is still capable of cutting off a limb.
SPIRALING ABSORPTION SPHERE - Uses chakra arms to create a big ball Rasengan, then grabs the enemy and slams them into it.
SPIRALING SERIAL SPHERES - The creation of two Rasengan wielded by one body. Allows him to attack two opponents or one twice.
SPIRALING STRIFE SPHERES - The creation of multiple Rasengan above his head and uses chakra arms to attack multiple opponents.

TAILED BEAST BALL - By gathering positive black and negative white chakra in the perfect ratio, it creates a powerful ball. This is a mountain destroyer if done properly, if not then it will backfire.
TAILED BEAST RASENGAN - An incomplete jutsu, it's a mix between a tailed beast ball and Rasengan. When used, Naruto's hands are injured.
TAILED BEAST BALL RASENSHURIKEN - By combining with Kurama, they created a tailed beast ball and then Naruto adds his wind element to it - it's capable of destroying very large objects.
CONTINOUS TAILED BEAST BALLS - With Kurama, they can fire multiple uncompressed tailed beast balls at an opponent.
SUPER MINI TAILED BEAST BALL - A smaller, more condensed version of the tailed beast ball.

PARENT AND CHILD RASENGAN - Together with his father, they created an extremely large Rasengan.
SUSANO'O KYUUBI - Together, he can combined his chakra Kyuubi with Sasuke's Susano'o to put on a suit of armor and a weapon. There isn't anything that Naruto really needs to do this though except manipulate his chakra to control this massive form. Sasuke's the one who matches and adjusts around him to make this possible.

Kyuubi Sage Mode (power)
After gaining Kurama's cooperation, he allowed Naruto to use his chakra and senjutsu at the same time. This boosts his strength, speed and durability greatly but also allows him to add senjutsu to his attacks. Another bonus is that while utilizing the Kyuubi's chakra, he can gather natural energy much more quickly and can retain Sage Mode longer.

Six Paths Sage Mode (power)
A heightened state of Sage Mode which he gained after getting power from Hagoromo. While he might have lost certain abilities like flight, stabilize life forces or even restore missing organs, he has kept this form and one of the abilities that comes along with it.

TRUTH-SEEKING BALL - Small black balls made up of chakra, all five nature transformations and Yin-Yang Release. Capable of negating all ninjutsus and only works about 70 metres away. He has three of these balls when he's in this mode and they can be passed off to clones.
MULTIPLE TAILED BEAST BALL RASENSHURIKEN - He turns his truth-seeking balls into tailed beast balls, adds his wind element to them and lets them go.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory: Kunai are typically Naruto's weapon of choice. He doesn't have any currently on him so he'll have to get them at his place. Naruto won't be able to summon any of his toads as they are considered playable characters.


◎ Element: Air - Canonly wind is the one element that belonged to Naruto and he is capable of adding it to many of his attacks.
◎ Sense: Taste - Naruto loves to eat ramen. It is literally one of his favorite things to eat and without the sense of taste, it would just be pointless.
◎ Seven Character Traits:
+ Determined, friendly, loyal
- Foolish, reckless, childish
+/- Protective


◎ First-Person Sample: Test-drive meme here!

◎ Third-Person Sample:
After being here about two weeks, it was obvious that he wasn't getting out of this place. He hadn't really understood the presentation or anyone who'd tried to explain the finer details of their situation after that. There were too many complicated words and ideas involved. What he did know was that there were still things he needed to do back home. And he would go back home because Naruto absolutely refused to believe that it had been destroyed. First off, they had just finished saving it. Secondly, after all the work Sasuke had put into saving it there was absolutely no way he'd let anything happen to the world.

So he absolutely and stubbornly refused to believe any lie about the destruction of his world and nothing anyone said about it simply went in one ear and out the other at this point. Naruto could believe that he was on a different world altogether but had tried to discover a way back. While he might never give up, Naruto may just have to lend a hand to whatever it was they'd wanted him for...

If only he could remember what it was exactly. Hopefully something he could hit because the technology of this place was beyond his understanding. It had been a complete and utter accident that he'd managed to figure out the radio as much as he already has. All he'd done was just started pushing buttons on the CereVice and it had connected to a network of people. From there it was only a matter of figuring out what button did what action.

As for his goal to get out of here, it's temporarily put on hold to take care of some normal functions. Naruto had already gone through the restaurants and picked up something to eat that surprisingly was not ramen. After the conversation with his parents, he had promised to eat more than just the delicious noodles. Now he was simply wandering through the Entertainment District looking for something fun to do.

Even though Naruto has been back and forth through this place a thousand times, he hasn't come through with the intent to hang out. While he'd certainly noticed the rough looking natives wandering around, it's only now that he stopped to really get a good look at them that Naruto's seeing that they don't just look rough - they're great huge jerks.

His stroll is over when a group of guys have cornered a frightened-looking woman. There five of them all leaning in close, one has an arm around her which is clearly making her extremely upset. Without warning he simply chucked a small rock at the back of one of the guy's heads. It stung enough to get his attention.

"Hey, what the hell?!" The guy turned to look for the person responsible and Naruto made it extremely obvious who had done it.

Another stone in his hand, larger this time and he's casually tossing it up only to catch it again. His blue eyes are glaring at them with a burning intensity. These guys are probably pretty weak and getting into a scuffle with them will likely be over in a matter of moments but he can't just pass this by. By now he has the attention of the entire herd of idiots along with the woman and a few of the nearby bystanders.

"Oi! Get away from her!" Naruto demanded.

A look is shared among the men and then they all grin as if they just found an easy target. They separate from the woman who can only stand there and look on in horror as if Naruto's just made a huge mistake. As the men advance, the blond shinobi tossed the rock over his shoulder. He wouldn't go all out on them because they weren't worth it but it would be more satisfying to feel his fist connect with their bodies.

"You're gonna regret getting involved in this, punk." One of the other guys cracks his knuckles.

It's over in a matter of seconds. The little gang of troublemakers has ended up in a pile of twitching limbs but they're only bruised by the time Naruto is done. They'll walk away once they can manage to untangle themselves. Now he's got the attention of everyone in the area and Naruto isn't really sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. He kind of felt like a little kid again with the people of his village looking at him with fear and hate because of what he was. Though they haven't started glaring at him yet.

Naruto does his best to ignore them and moved over to the woman. "You okay?"

She can only nod in response and he sighed, a hand ruffling the back of his hair. Boy this crowd was tough. "Okay then. See ya."

Only then does he turn his back on the lady he's helped and the crowd, intending to leave the area before something more happened... like someone showing up to try to lock him up.

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? no