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Yo, you've reached Uzumaki Naruto,
Sorry ya missed me but I had to go!
Leave a message at the beep,
To let me know where to meet.
Your concerns are extremely precious,
So let Naruto handle your stresses.
I'm here to save the day.
Then you will want to say
That I'm the best around,
Will never let you down
Because that is my ninja way.
And now that I am here to stay,
Just look for the orange glow!
Hell yeah, dattebayo!
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1/... a few.

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[ It was supposed to be simple. Just a message to issue a challenge to the blond.

But what the fuck...?! Yeah, hanging up after the first three lines. ]
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[ No, he needs to do this, because all he's finding are more reasons to want to beat the hell out of Naruto... so calling back.

..................... "let Naruto handle your stresses"?

This is like a horrible trainwreck.

Yeah, he can't get through this. Have another hang-up click. ]
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[ Okay, he's going to force himself to sit through it this time...

Or he'll set the Cerevice down, walk away while the message plays, and forget to come back in time.

There's a lot of nothing here with some muffled sound in the background until the recording times out. ]
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Trying so hard not to laugh at this. Or facepalm. Or do anything other than sy what he needs to a--

And now he's choking on the drink he'd grabbed when he'd wandered off the last time because he's trying not to snicker at this and failing.

Another hasty hang-up click. ]
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[ Alright, he's getting through this even if it kills him.

It's just... so hard to do because wow he is having a hard time taking this seriously when he needs to because this is important. Okay, finally, it's over. Really, you need a new message that isn't... this.

Sasuke does not appreciate rap. ]

...That was terrible, and you owe me for making me listen to it.

[ Many, many times. ]
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6 done ; text

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[ DAMMIT! There was a reason he'd bothered to contact him in the first place, and that stupid rap had distracted him enough that he forgot to say what it was.

This time, though, he's gotten smarter. No voice, no video, just text. It's easier that way. ]

Sakura said something to me that I need an answer to. And the next time I see you, I'm punching you in the face because you deserve it.

[ For possibly making him lose an arm. For leaving. For coming back. For a lot of things he doesn't know about yet. For anything and everything because it'll make him feel a little better. Not a lot, but a little. ]
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It's terrible.

[ Not that he has room to talk, because he wouldn't be caught dead rapping, so Naruto has one-upped him in that respect.

But the garden, huh? Okay, he can do that. Can't guarantee it'll still be standing afterward, but it's a place and hit works. ]

You weren't supposed to come back.
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Not everything. [ Just most things. ]

We were perfectly fine, except for the Hyuga.

[ Hinata seemed to take Naruto's disappearance a little harder than any of the others, but she'd managed to survive. And now there were others here. Children, even. ]

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Almost is still not everything. [ TECHNICALITY! ]

Why would I be upset? [ Annoyed, yes. Upset, it's debatable. Or more like he was able to hide it pretty well. ] Don't be so full of yourself. You aren't that special.
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lights, camera, aaaaand action!

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[ In his head, he has it all planned out. He's going to punch Naruto in the face and make himself feel better, however momentary that feeling is. That is what will happen.

Everything that transpired with Sakura that first night had left a bitter taste, and while he'd been good and hadn't done what he wanted to by taking out the guy who he collected his pay from, he's decided he's going to channel that into this. Sarada, his arm that everyone keeps saying he lost but that he still has, the idea that he has a child with Sakura of all people, Naruto's return, Naruto's leaving. All of it are reasons for why he wants to do this. As far as he's concerned, Naruto deserves it.

The park isn't hard to get to, and fortunately it's not terribly populated today so they don't have to worry about any idiot bystanders getting pulled in. This is between him and Naruto. And now it's just a matter of finding him. ]
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[ He's fully intent on hitting him. In fact, the moment the blond is visible, his mind is made up and nothing is going to stop him short of actually being blocked. But his approach is not rushed, there's no indication to any bystander what his intentions are. The closer he gets, though...

...and before he can get too close, he stops, keeping some distance between them. Something's not right. There is something seriously wrong with this picture, and he can't put his finger on it. Finger. Hands. Two...?

'Naruto and you... um, you both lose a hand.' She'd said it to his face, while he'd still been reeling over the Sarada thing. She'd told him that the two of them each lost an arm, that she had just come from stabilizing them both. She'd insisted that he should ask Naruto about it.

She lied to him.

And that's when the attack comes, Sasuke now angry enough over the thought that Sakura had lied to him, fully intent on taking that anger out on Naruto. Maybe questions would come later, but right now, he's only interested in this. ]
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[ He doesn't like those eyes. It makes him feel as though he's not being taken seriously, as if this is just some sort of game to Naruto. Like the other is just toying with him.

It's aggravating.

But besides having been lied to, there's still something very not right, and it's driving him crazy because he can't quite figure it out. It shouldn't be this difficult! Fine, he'll try again, this time using the sharingan to follow movement and the rinnegan to teleport himself closer. It's risky since the rinnegan is still something he's not entirely used to using, but he's willing to take the chance. Screw caution. ]

Then you should've stayed gone!

[ Still hasn't broken out the chidori yet, but that doesn't mean it's not coming... ]
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[ Teleporting himself right into things like he did was probably not the smartest idea he'd ever had. After his initial blow was blocked, it meant he had to pull some aerial acrobatics to avoid getting hit himself, using Naruto's attack as a springboard to keep from crashing to the ground. Because he didn't have much by way of forward movement to ricochet from it's not the most graceful of landings, but it gives back the distance he tried to close too quickly. Note to self, propulsion is important, and until he gets a better grasp of his maneuverability with the rinnegan, it's probably best to not pull risky stunts. At least not when the opponent is Naruto.

And this Naruto seems off.

Now that he's gotten a closer look at him, even though it hadn't really been his intention, there are things that seem very amiss. His face isn't as round as it had been. The hair is completely wrong. The bandages on his arm are new. The clothes... eh, he can chalk that one up to having to go with whatever can be found in Cerealia. But the biggest difference is that he's almost too calm, and it feels out of place. ]

That's not my problem.

[ Amassing chakra at his left hand and applying a nature transformation has become something he can do without really focusing on it, the distinct chirping sound piercing the air... and then he's moving again, rushing at Naruto. If fists don't work, go for raw power.

Either way, he's determined to hit him. ]
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[ He doesn't understand. Naruto wasn't supposed to come back, he was supposed to stay gone and take care of things because home had chosen to take him back instead of Sasuke. If he's returned, then it's one more thing to blow everything the Uchiha thought he'd figured out about this place clean out of the water, and he doesn't want to accept that. Add to all of it the fact that there are kids who claim them as their parents, and it's a giant billboard that screams 'Everything you thought thus far is wrong'.

That's not something he really wants to accept.

Unfortunately, all it's doing is driving him to distraction. He should've waited to confront the blond, given himself a chance to take in everything and try to sort it out in his head, but he didn't. And now, he's paying for it. ]

You're supposed to be at home.

[ He knows what comes next. This is a familiar song and dance for them -he pulls chidori, the other breaks out rasengan, clash, explosions, nothing but collateral damage- but this time-- What the hell is he doing?

This is wrong. This is all wrong, and they need to stop. He needs to stop. He's too close to stop.

The chidori cuts through the clone, leaving the telltale poof of smoke in its place as his own attack flickers and dies out, but he's too close to completely avoid Naruto, instead choosing to pivot on one foot at the last second to keep from taking Naruto's kick head on and using his right arm to block. If nothing else, it gives him the chance to take hold of the blond's ankle and upset his balance. ]

And you're supposed to be missing an arm!

[ Or so he's been told.

Never go rushing into a fight when you're distracted by other things. It doesn't go well. ]
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[ Replaced? Well that's certainly a convenient 'story'. ]

Bullshit! She lied! They both did!

[ His hold broken, Sasuke retreats again, careful to keep some distance. Now that he's gotten close enough to figure out that what he was seeing wasn't wrong, Naruto doesn't look the same as he did before, so there's no telling what else has changed besides his appearance. He may be reckless at times, but right now, all he really wants is to punch the blond in the face. Having a drawn out fight with someone who isn't what he remembers is not something he wa--

Oh to hell with it.

Making use of the seals he keeps in bandages on his forearms, there's barely any time at all before he lets a handful of shuriken fly toward Naruto. He's not expecting it to work, but he wants to know if this is something worth pursuing before making another attempt to get close. ]
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Then why do you have two arms?

[ Sarada had said Sasuke was supposed to be missing an arm. Sakura had confirmed Sarada's words, stating that both he and Naruto each lost one. And yet, here is Naruto with two arms. Replaced? Like he's supposed to believe that without proof!

Sharingan and rinnegan fix on the other's movements, watching for signs of impending attack, the glow of that right hand a sure sign that something is coming. This time, though, he won't rush to meet him, and while a fire attack could be useful to slow him, the flames would block his vision and put himself at risk, so he chooses instead to wait, opting for the same thing twice. A second volley of shuriken is sent, just something to split the other's attention.

He'll let Naruto come to him, bring him close enough that he can get that one shot in, and prepare to block whatever comes with Susano'o. ]
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[ Why in the world would Naruto think that he actually wants to fight until he loses limbs? He kind of needs those! And what if this time, it's a leg? Or both arms? Why is it so important that they keep doing this same song and dance? ]

Are you crazy?!

[ Why is he fighting? It's not a search for power anymore. Revenge against the very world they lived in? The desire to bring about a revolution and force change, to be that darkness which holds everything together through a mutual hatred and fear... but for what? The world that needs changing is not the world they're currently residing in. The bijuu, with the exception of the Kyuubi, aren't there. There is no Infinite Tsukiyomi holding the world hostage. Even the Naruto in front of him isn't the same, living proof that he probably failed at what he set out to do.

So what is it he's fighting for?

The Kyuubi-enhanced fist connects hard, his head snapping to the side as the force of it throws him backward. It's the price for allowing his thoughts to get muddled, distracting him from the task at hand. A tree catches him, keeping him from slamming into the ground and rolling, the trunk snapping under the weight of impact. He's pretty sure he can feel his bones grating together, can tell where the bruises will appear. Still, he pulls himself out of the tree trunk to get to his feet again. He should be better than this, not faltering and stumbling like some silly kid fresh out of the Academy.

It's not worth it. ]

What the hell is wrong with you?

[ The whole goal of this ordeal was just to punch him in the face for leaving and coming back, for making him lose an arm that he hasn't lost yet, for anything and everything up to this point. It's a goal that he wants to see through to the end.

Another headlong rush to meet him, only this time he's a bit more careful - attacking head-on is an idiot's move. As soon as he's close enough, fist drawn back, fully intent on making this time count, he takes the gamble and uses the rinnegan to jump himself to Naruto's left side. A surprise attack... which limits him to one more use of that eye before he can't use it again until it recharges. ]

Just let me go already!
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[ The feeling of fist connecting with face is disgustingly satisfying, though that satisfaction is short-lived. He won't make another hasty attack, allowing time for Naruto to get to his feet. If he could find it in himself to walk away, he would, but that's just... not possible right now.

He hasn't gotten the answers he wants. ]

You can't have everything you want! Only a selfish child would think otherwise. [ Pot, meet kettle.

He doesn't understand it. Why should Naruto bother with him? It's not as if he hasn't done everything humanly possible to distance himself from the blond and try to force that tie to be severed. Why on earth would he want to hang onto someone like that? After everything he's done, why won't Naruto just wash his hands of him and be done? Why does he always have to get in the way of everything?

...of... whatever there is here to get in the way of.

This isn't home. Cerealia may not be huge, but there's enough space that they can just avoid one another. They can have their space without encroaching on each other's territory... so why are they fighting?

Oh. Yeah. Because he wanted to punch Naruto in the face for leaving. And for coming back. And for making people worry about him. And for several other reasons he can't recall at the moment. Not at all because somewhere inside, he was worried, though. Nope, not in the slightest.

It actually takes a lot of self-restraint to keep his voice at a normal volume -shouting outside in public is probably not the best idea given that most anyone in earshot doesn't know about what went on at home, nor is it any of their business- but somehow he manages, even if he's got to growl out the words through clenched teeth. ]

Why should you get to decide whether or not I need "saved"? Did you ever stop to think that maybe I don't want you to? What right do you even have to make that decision? Why the hell does it matter so damn much to you?

[ Why do I matter so much to you? ]
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[ In a way, he does understand what Naruto is saying. After he'd lost everything, he'd actually been rather glad to know there was someone else just like him - someone else who had nothing, who went home to nobody, who was just as trapped as he was. But then Naruto started forming bonds with others and began to have something... where he didn't. Naruto had never had anything to lose, so he didn't understand what it was to have those bonds torn away. Suddenly, Naruto wasn't like him anymore. He became like everyone else and even though a part of Sasuke had wanted to try again, he was still afraid of it all going away again. He'd been left to stare at Naruto's back, just like he'd always trailed behind Itachi.

And he hated it.

They'd become as close to best friends as Sasuke would allow himself to have, but all the while, he'd been incredibly jealous of him.

To him, this fight is meaningless, because as far as Sasuke is concerned, there's nothing to be fighting for. ]

Maybe you need to start getting used to disappointment!

[ At home -and the last time Naruto had been there- he'd wanted him dead. A final sacrifice and the beginning of a new world order. But then Naruto had disappeared, and suddenly everything he'd been wanting so badly seemed so out of reach. He'd questioned whether or not Lee's memories were real. He'd put together every possible theory he could think of for how things worked and why Lee would remember something beyond his own memories -which had clearly meant he'd died, or else why wouldn't he remember any of that?-, he'd questioned Sakura, he'd come so close to making Sarada cry, he'd even ripped down everything Boruto had suggested about the man the kid called 'sensei'.

...but Naruto was different too. His story about the missing arm thing fell more in line with Sarada and Sakura. And he hates it.

Even as the blond rushes at him, Sasuke can see him move, can follow and predict with practiced ease.

Naruto, Sakura, Sarada, Boruto, even Lee... Every single one of them remembered things he didn't.

Blocking is second-nature. Counterattacking, as well.

They'd all passed him up, leaving him to watch their backs as they went on ahead.

...but he's not in the right emotional state to focus on this fight. He's angry, he's hurt, he's frustrated. This fight doesn't matter... and that knowledge is slowly bleeding into his actions. He's never lost his cool like this before -except for when he fought alongside Itachi, and when he was a child- and it's making things a bit sloppy, taking swings that are just shy of their mark (getting to punch him had felt really good, though) and taking hits he should've been able to guard against easily. ]

Friends? You expect me to believe that?! You left me behind!

[ ...Not that it was actually Naruto's fault he'd left, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. ]